Python Mix Tape

The Python Mix Tape transforms your mac into a modern-day tape deck, virtually tapping your system’s audio signals to record and save from any audio source.


  • The Record button records any audio selected as input to Python (more on this later).  Internet radio, audio from movies,  and youtube are all possible sources.  Basically, anything you can hear, you can record!
  • The Recording LED visually indicates if Python Mix Tape is indeed recording (see right).
  • The Eject button saves audio as wav file and/or starts a new file.  Once the Eject button is depressed, Python Mix Tape automatically stops recording, then prompts the user if he or she would like to start a new tape.  If so, the user is also asked whether or not to save the current file to disk.
  • The Erase button quickly deletes the current audio.  If audio is running, audio continues to run immediately after pressing Erase!
  • You can pause the recording with the Pause button.  Press the Record button again to restart recording.  Audio recordings are saved to the same file, allowing you to record multiple times and save as one file.
  • The iTunes button opens the file directly in iTunes!  Python Mix Tape first stops recording (if recording), prompts the user to save to disk, and then automatically opens the new file with the default wav player, which is iTunes in my case.