Past Projects

Algorithms for Mashup Artist

You drag and drop your favorite songs, and Mashup Artist does the rest.  Mashup Artist learns information about the songs and then uses that information to algorithmically compose new songs.  It was a blast to work on.



The Kaossonome is a hand-held midi/osc controller. Elegant and simple in design, it interfaces a musician to digital hardware and software instruments via 8 rotary encoders, a touchscreen, and a 256 LED matrix. Inspired by Korg’s Kaoss Pad and the Monome, the Kaossonome is fully Monome 256 compliant. Read more…


Python Mix Tape

Python Mix Tape transforms your Mac into a modern-day tape deck, allowing you to record audio from any website or application, within the computer.  Read more…

Visual Synthesizer

The Visual Synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that integrates a real-time visualization circuit with an analog synthesizer to create both audio and visual effects.